Don't show again checkbox for form

I am wondering how to implement I would implement a "Dont show again" checkbox, that when checked and the form is closed, it wont show again on startup. Do I need to store it in the registry? Or a config file maybe that on application startup it checks for the boolean value? I am just wondering the best approach. I am using


I have used MS Access database for this, I deploy mdf file with the exe, but yes you can use Registry as well, when you use "Settings" Section within VB to save values, it creates an entry into Registry.

Need Your Help

iPhone app that access the Core Location framework over web

iphone gps web-applications

I was wondering if I could access the iPhones Core Location framework over a website?

how fetch currency rate and update old rates in mysql database

php mysql sql api

I tired looking for solutions on how to fetch for currency exchange rate and store it in my database regular using PHP. I have managed to connect to my database but unable to update the rate.

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