Error in multi-line sql query

Can someone explain whats happening here?

Both are same query, with the only difference of multi-line and single line in SQL Developer.

The query-

SELECT (TO_TIMESTAMP('10/08/2012','DD/MM/YYYY') -NUMTODSINTERVAL(1/(24*25*60*1000),'HOUR')) a FROM dual;

The above works, but the below won't-

              NUMTODSINTERVAL(1/(24*25*60*1000),'HOUR')) a FROM dual;


It looks like SQL Developer's parser requires the argument after its - operator to be on the same line. this works:

- NUMTODSINTERVAL(1/(24*25*60*1000),'HOUR')) a 
FROM dual;

So the problem isn't multi-line per-se, but rather needing to have the operator (-) on the same line as its operand. Why exactly? I'd say either a bug, or just a sub-optimal implementation.

[Edit: as others have noted, the hyphen is the default line continuation character, which is why this works this way]

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