Retrieve the second last record for each user from the database

I have a table that holds username, updated date, and status as below:

name | Updated_on | Status
akg     29-NOV-10       Active
akg     13-JAN-12       NonActive
akg     10-MAR-12       Active
ems     23-JUL-12       NonActive
ems     10-SEP-10       Active
tkp     10-SEP-10       NonActive
tkp     13-DEC-10       Active
tkp     02-JUL-12       NonActive
tkp     24-SEP-10       Active
aron    12-JAN-11       NonActive
aron    07-NOV-11       Active
aron    25-JUN-12       NonActive

In this table user status is updated every time we change the status (ie a username can have many entries as shown in the table.

I would like the second last updated record for each user. ie for the above table, the result should be:

name | Updated_on | Status
akg     13-JAN-12       NonActive
ems     10-SEP-10       Active
tkp     13-DEC-10       Active
aron    07-NOV-11       Active

I'm really confused as I want to get the record of each users in this.

Is there any query which can be used for this?

Thank you


You could try that, it's a bit verbose but it works:

  max(Updated_on) as Updated_on,
FROM userstatus a
  WHERE (name, Updated_on) not in
  (select name, max(Updated_on) FROM userstatus group by name)
group by name, status
  (SELECT MAX(UPDATED_ON) FROM userstatus b where =
   and (, b.Updated_on) not in
  (select name, max(Updated_on) FROM userstatus group by name)
  group by name);


    userstatus AS rounda
    INNER JOIN userstatus AS roundb
      AND rounda.Updated_on<roundb.Updated_On
  ORDER BY Updated_on DESC
) AS baseview

See sqlfiddle

As you tagged this (also) with Oracle:

select name, updated_on, status
from (
  select name, updated_on, status,
         row_number() over (partition by name order by updated_on desc) as rn,
         count(*) over (partition by name) as max_rn
  from userstatus
where rn = max_rn - 1 
   or max_rn = 1;

This will actually work on a wide range of DBMS (including Oracle) - just not on MySQL.

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