get carrierwave image based on certain conditions?

How could one get a carrierwave image with has certain condition?

For example:


Returns the first image but what If I want something like

@photo = Photo.where(:attachable_id => 1, :attachable_type => "Profile", :main => true)

:main => true means this is the profile picture a user has selected.

Also on a side note,

I have this function wich is a mess:

def show_avatar_thumb(id)
    @profile = User.find(id).profile rescue nil
    image_tag ("/assets/avatars/img_96x96.png")

Is there a way to improve this? thx!


def show_avatar_thumb(id)
    user = User.find(id)
  rescue ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound
    image_tag ("/assets/avatars/img_96x96.png")
    image_tag true).first.file_url(:img_96x96)

I would pull where(main: true) out and put it in a model scope though.

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