IDE tools for Flash/ActionScript swf creation

I am not a Flash/ActionScript developer but I need to achieve a very small task in Flash. I need to display user audio input level in Flash. I found that I can do that using ActionScript (according to this).

I have no idea what tools I need to use and generate a SWF file. Any help highly appreciated.


You can use the Flash Pro IDE (eg Flash CS6), Flash Builder (Adobe), or FlashDevelop. There are also a few more like FDT and IntelliJ.

If this is a quick and dirty no/low budget scenario for you, I would recommend FlashDevelop.

If speed is of the utmost importance and you don't have time to learn, then Flash Pro CS~ would be a good bet.

If you're an experienced coder and will be using the tool a fair bit, Flash Builder (as a commercial product) is a good bet. Though FlashDevelop is also a good open source alternative to Flash Builder.

They all have tutorials on their websites on how to get your environment setup and start creating swfs.

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