windows CSP api

I am trying to write my own CSP. I am trying to do this by implementing a dll file, but I am not sure if I am on right way.

I found something like this: Cryptographic Service Provider Developer's Toolkit (CSPDK)

there are samples with CSP API

CPAcquireContext CPGenKey ... etc.

(it looks for me like an old api or api for winCE)

And here comes my question, which functions should I implement to provide new CSP for windows 7 and XP.

Is my plan good? - should I implement simple DLL and put her reference in register? Or am i missing something?


You might be missing CNG which is a (long term) replacement for the MS Crypto API. You can create modules for that as well. Unfortunately it is only available since Vista. Windows XP is too old (and you should probably not be producing new applications for XP anyway).

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