what happen if one core fails in a multicore system?

what happen if one core fails in a multicore system?I could not find any reference for this question. I want to know what will happen to threads that were running on that core?


I know of no hardware aside from loosely coupled distributed systems that can survive a CPU or a CPU-core failure. You will most likely get a panic, blue-screen, or other OS fault/crash and the system will stop immediately.

What is more likely is flaky hardware. This can be either because of failure or because of over-clocking. Bad memory and other issues may also occur. In many of these cases the system may not be able to detect the failure which can cause unexpected results in your application or JVM crash.

As an example, I had a stuck memory-bit on a Freebsd box one time that capitalized a source code variable during a SVN checkout otherwise I would have never detected it.

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