Map/Iterating through List of Python Object

Is there a way to iterate and call a function on a list of user-defined Python objects with multiple attributes? Let's suppose it's called Entry, with attribute name, and age.

Such that I can say something to the effect of

def func(name, age):
    //do something

def start(list_of_entries)
    map(func,, list_of_entries.age()) 
    //but obviously the .name and .age of the object, not the iterable
    //these are the only two attributes of the class

Was thinking about using functools.partial() but not sure if that is even valid in this case.


I suppose you could use a lambda function:

>>> def start(list_of_entries):
...     map((lambda x:func(,x.age)), list_of_entries)

But why not just use a loop?:

>>> def start(list_of_entries):
...     for x in list_of_entries: func(, x.age)

or if you need the results of func:

>>> def start(list_of_entries):
...     return [func(, x.age) for x in list_of_entries]

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