Django redirect to custom URL

From my Django app, how to I redirect a user to somescheme://

To give you some context in case it helps, I have a working oauth2 server written in Python/Django and I need to allow users to register redirect_uris that have a custom URL scheme. This custom URL scheme is used for handling the redirect within native apps.

My first reaction was to use an HttpResponseRedirect, but this URL has a custom scheme and isn't HTTP so I'm guessing this is not what I want. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give.

Edit: I did try this and Django returns the response redirect correctly without throwing an error, but the browser does not redirect to this URL. I'm using Chrome to test this.

Edit 2: HttpResponseRedirect works fine in safari.


class HttpResponseRedirect

The first argument to the constructor is required -- the path to redirect to. This can >be a fully qualified URL (e.g. '') or an absolute path with no >domain (e.g. '/search/'). See HttpResponse for other optional constructor arguments. Note >that this returns an HTTP status code 302.

This is from here:

It should work anyway from what I'm reading.

This actually should not work as Django is only allowing redirects to http, https and ftp by default for security reasons:

I was having the same issue with OAuth and redirect to custom schemes. Django (on Apache) is throwing 500's (django.core.exceptions.SuspiciousOperation) when redirecting to custom schemes. The solution is to create your own HttpResponseRedirect subclass or just do:

location = < your redirect URL >
res = HttpResponse(location, status=302)
res['Location'] = location
return res

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