Can I use ironruby that different from other implementation of ruby?

I am taking a ruby class this semester. In my book it said that there is an implementation of ruby for VS called IronRuby. I'd like to use visual studio that I use any way for work. My only concern is to know if there's significant difference (if any) with the other rubies so that I can go ahead and Use VS2012? In class we use a book called "Ruby Programming Language by Matsumoto"

Thanks for helping.


If you're just doing the exercises in the book, you should be fine.

Personally, I would not use it because:

  • IronRuby hasn't had a stable (or alpha) release in years, and its future is uncertain (little project activity and missing lead developers).

  • It's not 100% compatible with MRI, so you may run into weirdness, though I haven't been able to find a more detailed RubySpec.

  • More Ruby is written and tested on Unix-like machines than Windows, so if you need to use gems, you may run into weird issues with IronRuby that don't occur in MRI.

  • You should spend most of your time learning in irb, so Visual Studio doesn't really help you :). (irb is the interactive prompt -- you can test your code in real-time, instead of having to save and run [or compile].)

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