How to reset qTip2 validation?

I have a form in an ASP.Net MVC project on which I am using qTip2 to display validation erros. On that form, I also have text fields that are activated/deacivated depending on choices made with radio buttons. When fields are not to be used, I set their disabled="disabled" properties. This ensures that client side validation (jQuery unobtrusive validation) for these fields is also deactivated. Now, I am wondering how to reset the qTip2 "bubbles" for fields that get disabled.

Let's say I have radio buttons 1 and 2 that enable text boxes A and B respectively. Let's also say that radio button 1 is selected by default, and that text boxes A and B are required fields when the corresponding radio button is selected. If I press on the Submit button without filling any text field, a qTip error bubble appears beside text box A. Now, if I press on radio button 2, I have to clear that bubble, disable text box A and its validation, and enable text box B and its validation. However, if I press submit at this point without filling text box B, no error bubble appears and the form is not getting submitted.

I tried various combinations of the following commands to accomplish this, but then the validation errors get completely disabled:

$("input.input-validation-error").removeClass("input-validation-error"); // watch out for the error message labels or they won't go away

No matter what combinations of these commands I execute after a radio button got clicked and the proper text-boxes disabled/enabled, the qTip bubbles disappear, but they never reappear even if I click on the Submit button and other errors should appear on the form.

I am probably not using the right commands to reset qTip validation bubbles.


Ok, I found a solution right after posting the question. I used the solution proposed on this page that I modified a bit. I added the following line: $form.find('input').qtip('destroy');

It gives this:

//Taken from:
(function ($) {
    $.fn.resetValidation = function () {
        var $form = this.closest('form');

        //Destroy qTip error bubbles (

        //reset jQuery Validate's internals

        //reset unobtrusive validation summary, if it exists

        //reset unobtrusive field level, if it exists

        return $form;

    //reset a form given a jQuery selected form or a child
    //by default validation is also reset
    $.fn.formReset = function (resetValidation) {
        var $form = this.closest('form');


        if (resetValidation == undefined || resetValidation) {

        return $form;

Then when a radio button is clicked, I call $("form").resetValidation(); after the proper fields have been enabled/disabled.

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