How can I copy a directory from one git repository to another, preserving history?

I know that I can create a new repository out of a directory of a git repository. See here:

However, how can I copy a directory from one repository to a new directory of another completely different repository, while keeping history of that directory?

Update: is it possible for that history to show up with git log?


You could do this with git filter-branch. Basically you'd want to:

  1. Split out the subpath in the first project into a new repository, using the link you've already found.
  2. Push it to the second project's remote on a unique branch.
  3. Fetch that branch into the second repository, then use git filter-branch to index-filter it into the correct subdirectory:

    git filter-branch --index-filter '
        git ls-files -sz | 
        perl -0pe "s{\t}{\tnewsubdir/}" |
        GIT_INDEX_FILE=$ \
            git update-index --clear -z --index-info &&
            mv "$" "$GIT_INDEX_FILE"
    ' HEAD
  4. Finally, checkout the master branch of the second project (or whatever branch you're using), then merge in the newly-filtered branch.

Really not too awful an operation, all told. As AlexanderGladysh notes in the comments, you could also use a subtree merging strategy in the place of steps 3 and 4.

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