Can I data bind to a indexed property where a property of the parent is the index

Using WPF with MVVM, my VM has an indexed property

IObject1 this[string key]

I need to bind a property of the view to a property of IObject1, and the key of the object1 that I need is the name of the control in the view. Essentially I need nested bindings

<TextBlock x:Name="Key1"  Text="{Binding ["Key1"].DisplayText}

but, the name will very for different items so I need the nested binding

<TextBlock x:Name="Key1"  Text="{Binding [{Binding Name, RelativeSource={RelativeSource Self}].DisplayText}

My actual case is more complicated than this, but if I can get this far I think that I can figure out the rest.

I'm using Blend, and I'd love a way to teach my designer to do this type of thing within Blend, but I'm happy to use code if I need to.

Am I overlooking something obvious? I can't figure out how to do this and I haven't stumbled upon the correct Google / Stack Overflow search term.



That's a weird solution lol, anyhose, you can solve it with MultiBinding & converters.

<MultiBinding Converter={StaticResource combine}>
<Binding Path=Dictionary />
<Binding Path=Name />

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