Best way to show .mov on a website as load screen

What's the best way to show an animation from after effects on a website onload?

It needs to play like a load screen in all major browsers and iOS devices.

What's the best way to show this?

I tried html5 and the auto play didn't work on iPad. I don't want to use flash. The animation is too complex for just JavaScript. Is it worth trying to make a high quality animated GIF?


Well, your main problem with virtually any onload video is going to be load and buffer time, especially on a mobile device. If the splash screen takes half a minute to load, the experience will be very subpar, and there's virtually nothing you can really do to reduce that load time short of making the video low quality (a large animated gif will have the same problem).

My recommendation would be to try coding the animation using pure HTML5 animation effects if possible. They will render faster, use only static images, javascript and CSS, and will be more widely compatible with modern desktop and mobile browsers.

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