Change input button's onClick parameter using JavaScript

I'm making an Android Web Application, and I'm using JQuery Mobile. My question is:

Is it possible to change the onClick event's parameter using Javascript? I will be using Ajax post request to get the primary key attribute of my row from the database. And after getting the primary key, I want to set the parameter of the input button's onClick event.

Here's the structure of my program:

    success: function (result)
        //Set my input button's onclick


success: function (result)
  $("#" + result).click(function () {
    // do something

use this

yourelement.addEventListener('click', yourfunction);

or this

yourelement.addEventListener('click', function() {
   //your code here

or in jquery


You can do like this instead:

$('#element').click({id: id}, handleClick);

If, for example, the click handler is somewhere outside the scope:

function clickHandler(ev) {

    var id =;
    // use id


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