Iterate over a string with #split method, how to get the total number of elements

I have the following code

s = 'string1, string2, string3, string4'

s.split(",").each_with_index{ |element, index| puts "line #{index} of #{size_of_array}" }

What is the best way to get the size of the array ? Is there a method that I can call on the same line of the split passing to the loop ?


I think you're looking for tap:

s.split(',').tap{|a| a.size.times{|i| puts "line #{i} of #{a.size}"}}

but really, just a ; keeps as much as you want on the same line:

a = s.split(','); a.size.times{|i| puts "line #{i} of #{a.size}"}

Notice size instead of length because it's 2 chars shorter.

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