vector read specific lines

I have a text file that contains names of shows and people who starred in them.

I need to create a vector in a class where i can type in the actor and it will output the movie.

But i don't want to read this whole entry into a vector to save memory.

How can i make it so that i would read this txt file that includes this below, and then finds the actors name for example Min, Jun So it will find both instances, then read both movies into the vector and output it?

Just maybe a layout of a code that would do this would be awesome. Just to get me started.

Min, Elia
    Starlight Inn (2010)  [Skyler]  <4>

Min, Jun So
    "Joseon X-Files - Secret Book" (2010) {Ghosts of Yidu (#1.6)}  [Choi Eui Shin]  <5>

Min, Jung So
    "Mischievous Kiss" (2010)  [Oh Ha Ni]

Min, Xiao
    Little Sister (2010)  [Mei Mei]  <2>


Try ths sample code:

#include <string>
#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
#include <vector>
using namespace std;

int main()
    std::ifstream file( "test.txt" ) ;
    std::string search_str = "Elia" ;
    std::string line ;
    int line_number = 0 ;
    std::vector<string> finds;

    while( std::getline( file, line ) )
        ++line_number ;
        if( line.find(search_str) != std::string::npos )
            std::cout << "line " << line_number << ": " << line << '\n' ;
            std::getline( file, line );

    for (int i=0;i<finds.size();i++)

    return 0;

Input: Elia


Min, Elia
    Starlight Inn (2010)  [Skyler]  <4>
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