Resizing a JPanel inside a JFrame

I am new to Java, started learning swing and have a problem with resizing a JPanel inside a JFrame. I am following this tutorial:

because ultimately I am learning each of the different layouts and have come to the CardLayout now. In the above, there is a JPanel being used for a status panel. That is what I want to do as well, but when I drag a JPanel onto my blank JForm it takes up all the space and I don't see any resizing handles for it like I would if I were using a .NET panel. Changing preferredSize in the properties window also does nothing. What am I missing here? I feel like a complete noob for asking such a basic question but I really can't find any way to resize this thing.. :-|


I forgot to mention; I am using NetBeans IDE


You can't resize the JComponent because you've select CardLayout. The CardLayout can holds/manages one or more components that share the same display space.

What you need to read documentation and good tutorials.

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