Hidden text not to be Display OR Selected OR Printed in IE, Jquery


<button id="hide_some_text">Hide</button>
<div id="first">my name is Sea Mist and iam 19 years old</div>
<div id="second" style="display: none">This is the hidden text to be printed and selected only when button is pressed</div>



What i want :

If text under div tag "second" is visible only then it should be SELECTED and PRINTABLE (PLZ note im working in IE) , if text under div tag "second" is hidden then it should not get SELECTED when i do a Ctrl+A -> Ctrl + V and also should not be displayed when i go for Print Preview

Note : im using IE , these problems dont occur in mozzila or chrome , but due to constraints i have to use IE so i need a IE specific solution


Do something like this in your JavaScript:

var cache;
    if($("#second").is(":visible")) { //if it's not hidden
        cache = $("#second").html(); //cache the HTML
        $("#second").hide().html(""); //hide and empty HTML
    else { //else, it's hidden
        $("#second").show().html(cache); //show and get back HTML
$(document).ready(function() {

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