How to check user email uniqueness and pass result to jQuery?

I have this problem : I'm checking user email in controller and sending json successfull response if it is already taken and add css styling of input, also I need to prevent submit and add some message.

Here is my checkemail action ( used this article - ):

def checkemail
  if !User.where('email = ?', params[:email]).empty?
    format.jsonr do
      render :json => { 
        :status => :ok, 
        :message => "Success!",

and in my routes:

         checkemail GET    /checkemail(.:format)

          match "/checkemail", to: 'edit_user#checkemail'

and my jQuery:

   $('#user_email').focusout(function() {
    $.getJSON('/checkemail', { email: $('#user_email').val() }, function(data) {

my HTML input code:

     <input id="user_email" name="user[email]" size="30" type="email" value="">

from mime_type initializers file:

    Mime::Type.register_alias "application/json", :jsonr, %w( text/x-json )

From Fiddler:

  Request : GET /checkemail? HTTP/2.0

  Response(RAW tab) : 
  Missing template edit_user/checkemail

  JSON tab is empty

QUESTIONS: How to inspect is json request sent ? How can I prevent submission form and add some message ?


I would do it like this:

$('#element').focusout(function() {
  $.getJSON('PATH_TO_EMAIL_CHECK_ACTION', { email: $('#element').val() }, function(data) {
    // The data should tell you if its unique or not, you do something
    // here depending on response 

And in the controller, check if the email is taken. If its not, send back render json with status OK and message success. You can check if the status is success in your callback where the comment is above.

jquery focusout -

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