SQLite - Returning column total w/all rows

I have the following SQLite table:

transaction_amount     transaction_date
50                     09/06/2012
50                     09/06/2012
75                     09/07/2012

I wish to get the total amount for the column, transaction_amount. If I write my SQL query like this:

SELECT transaction_amount,transaction_date, SUM(transaction_amount) AS 
Total FROM prepaid_tbl WHERE playerID = 17 ORDER BY id DESC

I get the following result:

 transaction_amount     transaction_date  Total
 75                     09/07/2012        175

I need all three rows returned along with the total. So, if I write the SQL Statement like this:

SELECT transaction_amount,transaction_date,(SELECT SUM(transaction_amount) 
FROM prepaid_tbl WHERE playerID = 17)Total FROM prepaid_tbl WHERE 
playerID = 17 ORDER BY id DESC

I now get the results I am looking for:

transaction_amount     transaction_date    Total
50                     09/06/2012          175
50                     09/06/2012          175
75                     09/07/2012          175

So, my simple question is this the best method/practice for getting my desired results. I am not an SQL expert by any means, so I am still uncertain as to why the first method isn't returning the results I want. Any insight is certainly appreciated.

Thanks, in advance.


You can do cartesian join to solve you problem

SELECT  a.transaction_amount,
FROM prepaid_tbl  a,
            SELECT  SUM(transaction_amount) AS  Total 
            FROM prepaid_tbl 
            WHERE playerID = 17 
        ) b
WHERE a.playerID = 17 

SQLFiddle Demo

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