About iOS development process send game's an “.app” file for test

I'm an officially iOS developer. My designer lives in different City and I would like to know: Can I send our game's an ".app" file to him to install on his iPhones for test through the iTunes? He doesn't know xCode, only designers programs and lives far from me. I can add his iPhones in "Devices" on "Provisioning Portal"

Sorry for my English!


You can make a build(.ipa) and send it to him so that he installs it and sees what does the app do.

The other(easier in my opinion) option is to use one of the websites that offer easy testing. One of them is testflightapp. Register there, send invitation to your designer and then just upload a build. It will then be available for both of you(and other people if you added them). Just open the link that you will get in an email and install the app

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