Django app deployment on nGINX

I want to deploy Django application on nGINX server. I'm using uWSGI. I looked up in many tutorials but none worked. Django application runs perfectly as a standalone app. What is the simplest way to have the same app running on nGINX??

I'm stuck here and want a solution.. :-(

my www folder is in /usr/share/nginx/www

my site-enabled n conf.d and all are in /etc/nginx/

I did install uWSGI but couldn't find any folder named uwsgi which has apps-installed folder/file in it


Once you have created an dJango application. Just follow these steps:

STEP 1. Create a file say uwsgi.ini in your Django Project Directory. i.e besides

# set the http port
http = :<port_no>

# change to django project directory
chdir = <project directory>

# add /var/www to the pythonpath, in this way we can use the format
pythonpath = /var/www

# set the project settings name
env = DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=<project_name>.settings

# load django
module = django.core.handlers.wsgi:WSGIHandler()

STEP 2. Under /etc/nginx/sites-available add .conf file

server {
listen 84;
access_log /var/log/nginx/sample_project.access.log;
error_log /var/log/nginx/sample_project.error.log;

location /static/ { # STATIC_URL
    alias /home/www/; # STATIC_ROOT
    expires 30d;


STEP 3. In nginx.conf, pass the request to your Django application

Under the server { } block,

location /yourapp {
           include uwsgi_params;
           uwsgi_pass <your app address, eg.localhost>:<portno>;

STEP 4. Run the uwsgi.ini

> uwsgi --ini uwsgi.ini

Now any request to your nGINX will pass the request to your Django App via uwsgi.. Enjoy :)

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