Subtraction of two arrays with incremental indexes of the other array to a maximum limit

I have lots of math to do on lots of data but it's all based on a few base templates. So instead of say, when doing math between 2 arrays I do this:

results = [a[0]-b[1],a[1]-b[2],a[2]-b[3]]

I want to instead just put the base template: a[0]-b[1] and make it automatically fill say 50 places in the results array. So I don't always have to manually type it.

What would be the ways to do that? And would a good way be to create 1 method that does this automatically. And I just tell it the math and it fills out an array?

I have no clue, I'm really new to programming.



  a = [2,3,4..............,1000]
  b = [1,2,3,4,.............900]

  class Array
   def self.calculate_difference(arr1,arr2,limit)
     result ||=
     limit.send(:times) {|index| result << arr1[index]-arr2[index+=1]} 
    raise "Index/Limit Error"

Call by:


a = [2,3,4]
b = [1,2,3,4]

results = { |v,w| v - w }

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