GreenDao library(SQL) Self table Many-To-Many

I'm trying to build self many to many relation for USER table to itself - USER table. The idea is that each user might have some friends users and vice versa.

I'm doing it with a junction function but then when I'm trying to compile it I'm getting the exception:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.RuntimeException: Duplicate name for ToOne 'User' from UsersJoinFollowedUsers to User

at de.greenrobot.daogenerator.Entity.init3rdPassRelations(

at de.greenrobot.daogenerator.Entity.init3ndPass(

at de.greenrobot.daogenerator.Schema.init3ndPass(

at de.greenrobot.daogenerator.DaoGenerator.generateAll(

at de.greenrobot.daogenerator.DaoGenerator.generateAll(

at de.greenrobot.daogenerator.gentest.CodeGenerator.main(

It happens because the junction function points twice to the same entity - USER:


left relation: USER -> JUNCTION -> USER

right relation: USER<- JUNCTION <- USER

So I'm guessing that the question is how to create this kind of self Many-To-Many in GreenDao.


The message "Duplicate name for ToOne 'User' from UsersJoinFollowedUsers to User" indicates that this will help you: Multiple toMany relationships to a single table

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