Error when inserting multiple rows in SQL table

I am trying to insert multiple records into SQL database. SQL table contains smalldatetime column. Every record is for one hour period, so when you want to insert timespan for, eg. 5 hours, you fill in 5 records into database.

Code looks something like this:

int flag = 0;
   if (String.Empty.Equals(tboxFromTime.Text)){
      MessageBox.Show("Error!", "Error", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Information);
   DateTime n, m;
   if (!DateTime.TryParse(tboxFromTime.Text, out n)){
   command = new SqlCommand();
   command.Connection = FormMain.connection;
   string classParam, personParam, startParam;
   classParam = "class";
   personParam = "person";
   startParam = "start";

   command.CommandText = "INSERT INTO Reservations (resClassID, resPersonID, resStart) VALUES (@class, @person, @start)";
   command.Parameters.AddWithValue("@class", int.Parse(cboxRoomID.Text.Substring(4)));
   command.Parameters.AddWithValue("@person", int.Parse(cboxPersonSelection.Text.Substring(0, 2).Trim()));
   command.Parameters.AddWithValue("@start", DateTime.Parse(cboxWeekDate.Text + " " + n.ToShortTimeString() + ":00"));
   if (!String.Empty.Equals(tboxToTime.Text)){
      if (!DateTime.TryParse(tboxToTime.Text, out m)){
      else if(DateTime.Compare(m.AddHours(-1), n) > 0){
             TimeSpan timeDiff = m - n;
             int intDiff = timeDiff.Hours;
             for (int i = 1; i < intDiff; i++){
                 classParam = "class" + i.ToString();
                 personParam = "person" + i.ToString();
                 startParam = "start" + i.ToString();
                 command.CommandText += ", " + String.Format("(@{0}, @{1}, @{2})", classParam, personParam, startParam);

                 command.Parameters.AddWithValue(String.Format("@{0}", classParam), int.Parse(cboxRoomID.Text.Substring(4)));
                 command.Parameters.AddWithValue(String.Format("@{0}", personParam), int.Parse(cboxPersonSelection.Text.Substring(0, 2).Trim()));
                 command.Parameters.AddWithValue(String.Format("@{0}", startParam), DateTime.Parse(cboxWeekDate.Text + " " + n.AddHours(i).ToShortTimeString() + ":00"));

   flag = command.ExecuteNonQuery();
   if (flag == 1) { MessageBox.Show("Uspelo!"); }

When executing for one hour period it all goes well, but for any timespan it cracks. Command Text string for a few hours is like this:

INSERT INTO Reservations (resClassID, resPersonID, resStart) VALUES (@class, @person, @start), (@class1, @person1, @start1), (@class2, @person2, @start2), (@class3, @person3, @start3)

but, again I get this type of error message:

Incorrect syntax near ','.

Can anyone figure out what is the problem?


The created sql syntax is not correct. You have to insert each value for its own.

INSERT INTO Reservations (resClassID, resPersonID, resStart) VALUES (@class, @person, @start)
INSERT INTO Reservations (resClassID, resPersonID, resStart) VALUES (@class1, @person1, @start1)
INSERT INTO Reservations (resClassID, resPersonID, resStart) VALUES (@class2, @person2, @start2)
INSERT INTO Reservations (resClassID, resPersonID, resStart) VALUES (@class3, @person3, @start3)


INSERT INTO Reservations
SELECT @class, @person, @start
SELECT @class1, @person1, @start1
SELECT @class2, @person2, @start2
SELECT @class3, @person3, @start3

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