3d user experience with HTML5 and Javascript

I've to build a 3D user experience with HTML5 and any required JS library which provides such functionality. 3D scene consists of a cylindrical pipe and surface. It has 360 degree rotation and can zoom in and out. As user selects a parameter, specific value of that parameter at various depth of pipe in surface should display.

I've searched for HTML5 3d and JS libraries and found three.js could help for this.Also found this useful presentation on HTML 3d engine: http://projects.mariusgundersen.net/OnGameStart/#1 .But as this is my first time with HTML5 3d modeling, how should I initiate to build ? What parameters should be considered ? Which tools and libraries would best fit for such requirements ?

I would like to create a 3d model using HTML5 and JS 3d engine as shown in the 1st image.


I did a similar little 3D animation using blender for the modeling, three.js as the JavaScript 3D engine and tween.js for animation. You can export models from blender to three.js.

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