python: changing the value of a specific column in 2-d list

I have a 2-d list (list of 2-tuples):

results = [("a", 0.1234), ("b", 0.32345), ("c", 0.54321)]

and I would like to change it to be:

>> [('a', '12.34'), ('b', '32.34'), ('c', '54.32')]

My thought was to do something like this:

results = [(x[0], "%.2f" % (x[1] * 100)) for x in results]

And it works, is there a better way of doing it (according to import this guidelines), as it seems that accessing the value x[0] is not efficient ugly. btw - I can change it to be a list of lists instead of tuples, if that changes anything e.g:

results = [["a", 0.1234], ["b", 0.32345], ["c", 0.54321]]

and respectively:

>> [['a', '12.34'], ['b', '32.34'], ['c', '54.32']]


You can use tuple unpacking:

[(a, "%.2f" % (b * 100.0)) for a, b in results]

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