How can I retrieve multiple echoes in my PHP to my success:function

in my php I echoed

        //sql query here
        foreach($user as $values){
            echo $values['id'];
            echo $values['name'];
            echo $values['email'];
            echo $values['loc'];

in my $.post

//what to put here to be able to retrieve the values?

and in my html

 <td id="idField"></td><td id="nameField"></td><td id="emailField"></td><td id="locField"></td>

How should be done in a right way? The output should display the specified columns from a table and should display a numbers of rows depends from the query result.



echo json_encode($user);


  // etc      

You really should learn how to use documentation, google, SO and online help. There is thousands of tutorials, docs, help how to do it. Just make some research before you ask for help.

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