Different base class in the XAML file

I have a class called BIFUserControl which inherits from UserControl class. Now I am designing a new user control called BIFText which inherits from BIFUserControl class. So, I changed the XAML file called BIFText.xaml as follows :




              d:DesignHeight="150" d:DesignWidth="150">

     </Grid> </base:BIFUserControl>

And then I changed my BIFText.xaml.cs file as follows:

 namespace BIFWidgetLibrary.Text {
     public partial class BIFText : BIFUserControl
         public BIFText()
     } }

But now when I try to build the project, I get the following error message : 'BaseInputFramework.BaseWidgets.BIFUserControl' cannot be the root of a XAML file because it was defined using XAML. Line 2 Position 14.

Can someone please help me with this error. Thanks in advance.


Error says itself that BaseInputFramework.BaseWidgets.BIFUserControl cannot be root of a XAML file since it is defined using XAML. Only elements which are not defined using XAML file can only be root element. Refer to these links - Cannot define root element and Inheriting from UserControl

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