automatically using -v option for git remote

I'd like to automatically use the -v option for the git remote command. How can I do this?


Run this:

git config --global alias.remotes 'remote -v'

That will place a git command alias in your git configuration file. To use it, type git remotes. Unfortunately, you can't over-ride an actual git command with an alias.

Add an alias to your shell commands, like this:

alias grem='git remote -v'

technically this should go in .bashrc, and you should reference that from .profile (or .bash_profile).

Then you can use a much shorter command, and get what you wanted:


So, your .bashrc file (in your home directory), would contain all of your aliases, and then your .profile/.bash_profile (whichever you have) would contain:

if [ -f ~/.bashrc ]; then
   . ~/.bashrc

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