Custom Rest actions

I am trying to create a friendship and I created a custom action called accept. however i can't reach it. Everytime I call it i get the action show could not be found.

Here my route.rb file

  resources :friendships do
    collection do
      delete 'cancel'
      get 'accept'

Here how i call it

<%= link_to 'Accept', accept_friendships_path(:friend_id => f) %>

accept_friendships was taken from rake routes commands. And here how i define my accept controller

  #Accept friendships
  def accept
    if @customer.requested_friends.include?(@friend)
      Friendship.accept(@customer, @friend)
      flash[:notice] = "Friendship Accepted"
      flash[:notice] = "No Friendship request"
    redirect_to root_url

Here the error

Unknown action

The action 'show' could not be found for FriendshipsController


Maybe I am wrong, but why you want "accept" to be a collection? I guess you want it to be a member, since you are passing friend_id. If you change it to member and make the path accept_friendship_path(@friendship) [ note singular form of friendship ], you might have better luck. Beside an addition argument your case does not differ from example on Ruby on Rails Guides, that is why it is worth to try it

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