SyntaxError: missing ; before statement with AJAX

I came across this error while doing an ajax request and after looking over if I simply can't find the problem. Here is the code below.

$('#post_submit').click(function() {

var poster_id = <?php echo $session_user_id; ?>;
//firebug syntax error shows the line below is the problem
var profile_user_id: <?php echo $user_id; ?>;
var post = $('#post').val();
        profile_user_id: profile_user_id,
        poster_id: poster_id,
        comment_type : comment_type,
        post: post      
    function () {
        $('#status').append('<li class="hide">Posted</li>').hide(1000); 



I think you meant to use the equals sign?

var profile_user_id = <?php echo $user_id; ?>;

instead of

var profile_user_id: <?php echo $user_id; ?>;

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