CVS remove a project from a branch

I created a new branch from HEAD and tried adding 3 projects to it. By mistake i added 2 additional projects to it which were actually not required in the branch.

To avoid confusion to future users of the branch/head, i want to remove those 2 projects from the branch and still keep them in HEAD so that anybody in future will only see those 2 projects in the HEAD.

i do not have write permissions on the CVS physical Server, is there any way to do from the cvs plugin inside eclipse?

Pls guide.


I don't think you can do this from the Eclipse CVS plugin. Rather, I think you will need to do this from the command line.

First, check out the entire branch from CVS. cd to the directory just above the projects you want to delete. Then use this command:

cvs remove -R proj1 proj2 ...

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