Python List Regex

I have a list from a stock web scraper looking like this: [......', 'xlnx>XLNX<', 'yhoo>YHOO<']

how can I get the dictionary with only the quotes? I know this is simple but I could use some help. Thanks

import urllib
import re

base_url = ''
content = urllib.urlopen(base_url).read()
list = re.findall('*)/a>', content)
print list


You have a list, not a dictionary. Also you shouldn't name your variable list as it is the name of a built-in.

>>> content
['xlnx>XLNX<', 'yhoo>YHOO<']
>>> tickers = []
>>> for s in content:
...     tickers.append(''.join(i for i in s if i.isupper()))
>>> tickers
['XLNX', 'YHOO']

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