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I am working in a website.And my website has it's internal registered users(also having user's facebook email-id and uid in my website database). In my website homepage I have facebook like button. Lets M1,M2,M3 are three registered member in my site. When M1 likes a content of my website it is shown on M1's wall. Then M2 likes/shares the post from M1's wall, and it is shown on M2's wall, Again M3 likes/shares the post from M2's wall, and it is shown on M3's wall. I want the events(along with uid of the liker/sharer) when M2/M3 likes/shares the post,so that I can do some activity based on the event for the corresponding user.

If it is possible to get the details on real time will be best, Otherwise any batch processing is also acceptable.


If you have the post_id, you can access it's data (including likes and comments) by sending a GET request to

This will return JSON data related to that post that you can read and use. See here for more details:

This is not yet available for real-time subscribing, so batch requests are your only option at this time.

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