Django rest framework - Authentication error with PUT requests

I have a very simple Resource like this for my model 'Presentacion'

class PresentacionResource(ModelResource):
    model = Presentacion
    fields = (some fields)
    ignore_fields = (few to ignore)

and I need to implement authentication for this, so as I read, I created two wrappers

class AuthListOrCreateModelView(ListOrCreateModelView):
    permissions = (IsAuthenticated, )
class AuthInstanceModelView(InstanceModelView):
    permissions = (IsAuthenticated, )

And then in my in my

url(r'^presentaciones/$', AuthListOrCreateModelView.as_view(resource=PresentacionResource), name='presentacion-root'),
url(r'^presentaciones/(?P<id>[0-9]+)$', AuthInstanceModelView.as_view(resource=PresentacionResource), name='presentacion'),

This is working fine for the GET 'presentaciones/' requests but when I try to make a PUT request, I'm getting a 403 FORBIDDEN

What's strange to me is that GET is working fine: as long as I'm logged, it's responding correctly but if I logout it responds with 403 FORBIDDEN.


If you are using Django's session based authentication, then you may be tripping over the CSRF protection built into Django (see UserLoggedInAuthentication class[1]).

If this is the case, you will need to ensure that a CSRF cookie gets sent to the client and then you can adapt the jQuery instructions[2] to send the X-CSRFToken header with requests that may change data.



If the issue is the X-CSRF token header you can modify the Backbone.sync like this to send a token with each POST, PUT, DELETE request.

        /* alias away the sync method */
        Backbone._sync = Backbone.sync;

        /* define a new sync method */
        Backbone.sync = function(method, model, options) {

            /* only need a token for non-get requests */
            if (method == 'create' || method == 'update' || method == 'delete') {
                // CSRF token value is in an embedded meta tag 
                var csrfToken = $("meta[name='csrf_token']").attr('content');

                options.beforeSend = function(xhr){
                    xhr.setRequestHeader('X-CSRFToken', csrfToken);

            /* proxy the call to the old sync method */
            return Backbone._sync(method, model, options);

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