Meteor client disconnected event on server

Simple question, maybe simple answer: how do I know on the server that a certain client has disconnected? Basic use case: the serve would need to know if a player has dropped the connection.


you can do one thing make a event on server and call it from browser with ajax which call after some small time interval settimeinterval using with session values into header and if server din`t get request from user it means he dropped connection

In the publish function, you can watch socket close event as follows.

this.session.socket.on "close", -> # do your thing

 Meteor.publish("yourPublishFunction", function()
            var id = this._session.userId;
            this._session.socket.on("close", Meteor.bindEnvironment(function()
              console.log(id); // called once the user disconnects
            }, function(e){console.log(e)}));

            return YourCollection.find({});

I've created a pretty comprehensive package to keep track of all logged-in sessions from every user, as well as their IP addresses and activity:

To watch for disconnects, you can just do the following, which catches both logouts and browser closes:

UserStatus.on "sessionLogout", (userId, sessionId) ->
  console.log(userId + " with session " + sessionId + " logged out")

You can also check out the code and do something similar for yourself.

Maybe (in the server code)




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