AngularJS - make model variable available to jQuery?

I am just starting with AngularJS and am trying to figure out how to easily reference (bind?) scope variables from outside the Angular controller.

Simple code:

<div ng-controller="Ctrl">
  <input type="text" ng-model="yourNameInput" placeholder="Enter a name here">
  <input type="button" onClick="console.log(inputName);">
  <h1 ng-bind-template="Hello, {{yourNameInput}}"></h1>

How would I bind {{yourNameInput}} to inputName var that will be available to the rest of my application? There's one ugly way I managed to do that:

$scope.change = function() { inputName = $scope.yourNameInput; }

and then:

<... ng-change = "change()">

Anything more elegant?


You can inject $window into your controller and make it available on the scope. See example.

function Ctrl($scope, $window) {
    $scope.window = $window;


<input type="text" ng-model="yourNameInput" placeholder="Enter a name here" ng-change="window.yourName = yourNameInput">

For broader use you can make it available on the $rootScope. See another example.

angular.module('myApp', [])
    .run(function($rootScope, $window){
        $rootScope.window = $window;

Also you can see Call Angular JS from legacy code.

For console.log() you can use

<input type="button" onClick="console.log('{{yourNameInput}}');" value="Log">

See example.

If you want to debug AngularJS application you can use AngularJS Batarang (textual description and source code)

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