Archive xcode project

My application uses an additional project I have inserted, and I link it and then import it with this code:

#import <SBJson/SBJson.h>

If I run the application normally, the app works fine, but if I press the archive button, there is an error in the line of code reported above. It says: SBJson/SBJson.h file not found. Why is this?? IS it because the JSON is a project I added to my project? Why does it work with the Run and not with the Archive?


You may have linked the SBJSON files, when you probably should actually have copied them into your project.

To fix this, select all of the SBJSON files, right-click and then select "delete". When prompted, select "remove references".

Then, add these files back into your project via File -> Add files to menu and make sure that "copy files" checkbox is selected.

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