Eclipse indigo won't start in Windows 7

Eclipse indigo won't start in Windows 7 (first launch), the splash screen appears, stays there and nothing happens afterwards.

So far I tried the following:

  • reinstall Java 6
  • Add vm parameter to eclipse.ini (to the right javaw.exe path). In this case no splash screen and eclipse.exe and javaw.exe are available in Taskmanager.
  • launch eclipsec.exe instead of eclipse.exe
  • launch eclipse.exe -clean
  • increase -Xmx384m parameter
  • launch eclipse.exe in Admin Mode

No luck

My config:

  • Eclipse Indigo Java Edition (32bits)
  • Windows 7 (32bits)

Any help would be appreciated


1) Since you've not had any luck so far, please try deleting, rebooting, and reinstalling Eclipse:

  • delete your Eclipse install directory

  • delete Eclipse workspace directory (EX: c:\users\MYUSERNAME\Workspace)

  • reboot your PC

  • reinstall Eclipse.

2) Try starting Eclipse from a command prompt; see if you get any errors.

  • Check your Workspace. Verify that it exists, that it's writable.

3) See if you have any logs under your workspace

  • EXAMPLE: c:\users\MYUSERNAME\Workspace\.metadata.log

4) Follow the suggestions here:

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