Python - testing if an object attribute is equal to a given value

Say you have a list of people.

class Person:
    def __init___(self, name, id): = name = id

people = []
for x in xrange(0,100)
    #find people and append to people list

Now, I have a list of people objects. How could I most efficiently find, say, a person whose name is "Bob" from the people list?


With just a list and no other indices, you have to use a list comprehension:

matching = [p for p in people if == 'Bob']

but if you have to do that a lot, you may want to create an index:

from collections import defaultdict

nameindex = defaultdict(list)
for person in people:
    nameindex[] = person

nameindex['bob']  # a list of people named Bob.

This way you only have to loop through all your people once (cost O(N)), after which any name lookup has constant cost (O(1)).

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