Split a full name using PHP list or explode function

I am trying to split a name that I pull from a webpage using simple HTML DOM and the list and explode functions aren't doing the trick. All I want to do is take a name {firstname middle(optional) lastname} and split them. The middle name only shows up on some names and it would be a bonus if I could handle that.

Here's the code:


    $data = new simple_html_dom();  
    $profName= $data->find("//*[@id=profName]", 0);
    $profName = strip_tags($profName);
    echo "Full Name: " . $profName = trim($profName);
    list($first, $last) = explode(' ', "$profName ");
    echo "first name: " .  $first;
    echo "last name: " . $last;

My output reads:

Full Name: Jennifer Aaker
firstname: Jennifer Aaker


try with:

list($first, $last) = explode("&nbsp;", $profName);

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