Stucture with array of pointers in C

What's wrong with this? Can I have an array of pointers to SDL_Surfaces in a struct in C?

typedef struct {
    int next_wheel;
    int pos_X;
    int pos_Y;
    int front_wheel_pos_X;
    int front_wheel_pos_Y;
    int velocity;
    int rear_wheel_pos_X;
    int rear_wheel_pos_Y;
    SDL_Surface* body;
    SDL_Surface* rear_wheel[9];
    SDL_Surface* front_wheel[9];
} mars_rover;


mars_rover* init_rover() {
    mars_rover* rover = (mars_rover*)malloc(sizeof(mars_rover) + sizeof(SDL_Surface) * 19);
    rover->body = load_image("Graphics//rover.png", ds_info);
    rover->front_wheel[0] = load_image("Graphics//wheel//wheel0.png", ds_info);

    return rover;

int main() {
    mars_rover* rover = init_rover();

EDIT: added my load image function.

SDL_Surface *load_image( const char* filename , SDL_VideoInfo* ds_info) {

    SDL_Surface* image = 0;
    SDL_Surface* converted_surface = 0;
    image = IMG_Load(filename);

    if(image) {
        converted_surface = SDL_DisplayFormatAlpha(image);

    return converted_surface;


You can, but you need to assign an allocated memory for each pointer separately. So instead of:

mars_rover* rover = (mars_rover*)malloc(sizeof(mars_rover) + sizeof(SDL_Surface) * 19);

you should have:

mars_rover* rover = malloc(sizeof(mars_rover));
rover->body = malloc(sizeof(SDL_Surface));
for (i = 0; i < 9; ++i) {
    rover->rear_wheel[i] = malloc(sizeof(SDL_Surface));
    rover->front_wheel[i] = malloc(sizeof(SDL_Surface));

Two notes though:

  1. You need to check the return value of each allocation
  2. You need to free each of the allocation when you clean up

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