How to compare two files in Eclipse?

I want to compare two files. One is in the current project and the other is in the backup directory. I know how to compare if they were in the same project. How can I compare in Eclipse? And what is Flex navigator in Eclipse?


Open the Navigator with the Main menu: Window->Show View->Navigator.

You can select two or more files in the Navigator using Ctrl-click, or Command-click in OSX. Now Right-click any one of the selected files, and select the menu item: Compare With->Each Other.

The problem is that your alternate file might not be in the Navigator, e.g. your backup directory isn't listed in the Navigator. If not, Right-click in the Navigator and choose the menu item: New->Folder. In the resulting dialog click the Advanced>> button beneath the Folder Name field, choose Link to alternate location (Linked Folder), and browse to add your backup directory.

Now using the Navigator you'll be able to select the two files, and use Compare With.

You can similarly compare files using e.g. the Package Explorer.

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