android how to load an intent inside a view

i know that ActivityGroup is able to change the content of a view, but it is about to be decaperate..

and i don't really like Fragment.. is there a way that i can built some kind of my own TabHost ? a button that will change the content of a specific view ?

i don't want to use TabHost because i have 4 buttons which only 2 of them should run a new intent, and the other 2 use Dialogs..

i can manipulate the TabHost that only 2 tabs will run an intent and the other will lunch a Dialog but i think that not the right way..

any ideas ?


The concept of putting an activity inside an activity is what was deprecated. ActivityGroup and its subclasses implemented that pattern, though it was always optional (e.g., TabHost never required you to put activities in tabs). You are welcome to either:

  • just use views
  • use fragments
  • use activities inside of activities and hope that "deprecated" does not turn into "flat out will not run" in the future

I strongly encourage you to choose one of the first two items.

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