Change the username for Git in Xcode?

Is there any way to change the Git username and email for Xcode? When I try commit now it will post my real name. I want it to post my GitHub username so that you can link commits to my user on GitHub.

Usually with Git I've been able to just type git config --global whoosh in the terminal but it doesn't seem to work on Mac and Xcode.


As mentioned in "Where is the Git commit info set in Xcode 4?", XCode takes user information from your contact card from your (2012) Address Book (called Contact in 2014).

Changing your contact card would change user information (for new commits)

Update 2014 (2 years later), as illustrated in sergtk's answer, XCode (5+) now supports the git config and

The following terminal commands works for me:

xcrun git config --global 'new_user_name'
xcrun git config --global ''

These are to update user name and e-mail respectively.

After execution of that commands successive commits to Git via Xcode will use the data specified in it.

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