Symbolic representation of Return | \x0a vs. other

I'm trying to verify my code.

Here is a regex check on it with out 0xa:

As you can see at some places where there is a return character the regex does not match b.c. 0xa is used for the return character.

Here is a regex check inlcuding 0xa:

As you can see it is all included.

In short my .js includes these characters:


However I am concerned as to why it sometimes uses a return as:

\\ the other return character ( have not verified yet )

and sometimes it uses a return as:




I was surprised that it look like it groups the rows together, but it has to do with the star in your regexp. Change your regexp to [\x20-\x7e]+. Using the plus sign (one or more matches) instead of star (zero or more matches) I think you get the expected result.

If you want to see whats really is in the inputText-field on regexpal, open up the console in your browser and run document.getElementById('inputText').value.replace(/[^\x20-\x7e]/g,function(a){‌​a = a.charCodeAt(0).toString(16); return '\\u0000'.slice(0,6-a.length) + a;}); and you will get a true representation of the string.

Pretty print:

  function (a){‌
    ​a = a.charCodeAt(0).toString(16);
    return '\\u0000'.slice(0,6-a.length) + a;

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