Tableview with picker view and persistence

I´m struggling a lot to find a good solution, and searched a lot also, but i can´t find anything similar with what i want, so i hope anyone can help me:

I have two tableviews, in the first one i already have custom cells, and each cell has two textfields, one textfield for the product name, and the other one to it´s price, then if the user want´s, he can had more cells which he will insert more products with their respective price.

The second tableview has also two textfields, in the first textfield he will choose one product( inserted in the first tableview)with a pickerview, and when he chooses the product, i want the respective price to appear in the other texfield.

My question is, should i be using core data? or another type of persistence? and is it possible to assign the values of the texfields to the atributes created in a model of core data?


You can use core data for your requirement and you can assign the data to textfields.

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