Bash script - mass modify files sed regular expression

I have a set of .csv files (all in one folder) with the format shown below:

... (a lot more rows) ...

The thing is I screwed up a bit and it should look like this


In case the difference is too subtle to notice:

I need to write a script that changes every third and fifth semicolon into a period in every row in efery file in that folder.

My research indicate that I have to devise some clever sed s/ command in my script. The problem is I'm not very good with regular expressions. From reading the tutorial it's probably gonna involve something with /3 and /5.


Here's a really short way to do it:

sed 's/;/./3;s/;/./4' -iBAK *

It replaces the 3rd and then the 5th (which is now the 4th) instances of the ; with ..

I tested it on your sample (saved as sample.txt):

$ sed 's/;/./3;s/;/./4' <sample.txt

For safety, I have made my example back up your originals as <WHATEVER>.BAK. To prevent this, change -iBAK to -i.

This script may not be totally portable but I've tested it on Mac 10.8 with BSD sed (no idea what version) and Linux with sed (gsed) 4.1.4 (2003). @JonathanLeffler notes that it's standard POSIX sed as of 2008. I also just found it and like it a lot.

Golf tip: If you run the command from bash, you can use brace expansion to achieve a supremely short version:

sed -es/\;/./{3,4} -i *

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